Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


  1. 1. What does Livears stand for?
    Livears is a word that stands for “Live nearby expertise audience”. Livears connects its user to the nearby real time audience as per your requirement, suggestion or the problem, the way you input your requirements.

  2. 2. How does Livears work?
    Livears connects you to the nearby real time peers who have similar passion, requirements or problems as per your search input. Once you have interacted with someone, that particular person receives an evaluation form for you which can be displayed on your profile only when you have accepted his/her request. However you won’t be able to check the score that your online friend has given you.

  3. 3. How to signup on livears?
    Sign up on livears is very easy. First on signup page, there is option of login and signup. For new users by entering name, email, password and phone number for Otp verification, gets the login of the livears and can operate livears with that same login information.

  4. 4. Why join livears?
    Livears was created with an idea to bridge the gap between users with similar knowledge, expertise and passion. Apart from that it also helps the users to connect with the others with the similar passion and from same vicinity thereby providing ease of accessibility.

    1. Why should students join livears?
    2. - To effectively connect with nearby experts to excel in educational journey.

    3. Why should business enterprise or professional join?
    4. - To excel in your business or excel yourself as a professional with nearby experts of livears.

    5. Why should an organization join?
    6. - To bring out the best opportunity and explore the potential of organization and its staff with nearby experts.

    7. Why should a politician join?
    8. - To effectively run the awareness and political campaign and connect with nearby people for their queries.

    9. Why should NGO join?
    10. - To be helpful for the development of society with social experts of livears.

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  5. 5. How is livears different from traditional social networking portals?
    At livears, we strongly focus on letting the user establish real connection with the peers instead of virtual ones. This portal assures 99.9% true online presence of all the livears users with no false or fake profiles.

  6. 6. Are there any online charges for signup or login?
    No, Livears is totally free of cost for anybody to sign up, login or interact as and when they want.

  7. 7. How is the security on livears?
    Livears has reliable and complete security as authentic users are authorized to access the portal so there is no possibility of false profile.

  8. 8. Will there be any manipulation of the profiles on livears?
    No, there will not be any positive or negative manipulation of your livears profile.


  1. 1. Who can make account on livears?
    Any individual who wants to be part of sharing-receiving information and who wants to explore his/her potential with the help of experts can make account on livears.

  2. 2. How to get more people write good feedback for me?
    The feedback or the human value evaluation is the very good offering of this portal. Anyone can improve his/her positive score and get more evaluated with good works or by sharing the knowledge on livears.

  3. 3. What if somebody puts in negative reviews for me? Will it lower my positive score?
    The score will only be available on your profile once you have accepted that person’s request. The score will be an average of total evaluation that you have received from others. In case if you doubt that a particular person might leave you a negative marking, you can always decline his/her request.

  4. 4. Why should I interact with unknown people?
    Livears was started with an idea to bridge the gap between unknown peers, thereby providing unbiased solution to your requirements, problems or queries. Rather than asking your friends to put forth their views regarding your new venture, job or even asking them a solution you can always talk to someone online to assure unbiased solution to your queries.

  5. 5. Can I keep my profile hidden from public?
    Yes, you can hide certain specific detail from public through setting tab mentioned in your profile.

  6. 6. How can Livears help me to follow my interests?
    On Livears, you can follow interest of any field by just connecting with live nearby expertise audience and enhance the knowledge in it.

  7. 7. How to improve your livears performance score?
    Livears is a platform where you can connect with nearby experts in order to explore your potential. Livears performance score can be improved by getting more wishes in form of positive feedback which can be obtained by sharing and receiving more knowledge on livears and developing your identity.

  8. 8. Can I check the number of people or name of person who visited my profile?
    No, Livears doesn’t support such feature currently but we might include it in near future.

  9. 9. How can I assure if the person reviewing me is a real person with a real profile?
    At livears, we recommend our users to first interact with their fellow peers before going ahead and adding them in the list. By doing so it can be well assured if that particular person is a person with a real online presence.

  10. 10. Will an individual’s evaluation affect my positive score even if I have blocked him/her?
    On livears, feedback would be added to your profile only when you have added that particular person in your friend list. Say if you have already added that person, their feedback will be etched on your profile even after you have blocked him/her.

  11. 11. What are wishes on livears?
    Wish on the livear is form of feedback. After any work with the person we often wants to give feedback or appreciate that person for his/her work. So livears provides wishes in form of appreciation or need to improve tags and score can also be given.

  12. 12. How to send wishes to the people?
    If any user wants to give feedback to the other person after the completion of work, he/she has to click wishers tab and thereafter send wish to that person through appreciation or need to improve tags with score and some message (message is optional).

  13. 13. Will my other social media profiles be linked with my livears profile?
    Yes, as a part of human authenticity and verification, other social media profiles will be linked with your livears profile.

  14. 14. Is there any live example of how livears is useful for a person?
    Yes, if any person say a student of science wants to do research and develop some projects. In all this process he/she may need a guide or expert who has knowledge in science. But due to lack of resource to directly connect with the expert of same field, student is not able to continue the project. But with livears, he/she can find nearby experts of any related field of need and can explore the potential.


  1. 1. What is community?
    Community on livears is group of people or some clubs. Community can be of any field with any number of people with an objective of doing some resourceful work.

  2. 2. How to explore people on livears?
    Any user can explore people based on UIN, name, expertise, community and business. Whenever a person signup on livears, he/she gets UIN (unique identification number), so any individual person can also be explored through UIN.

  3. 3. Can I connect with community of my interest?
    At livears, you can explore endless communities of endless fields which can cover your personal as well as your professional requirement.

  4. 4. How livears help you by providing option of community?
    Livears provides users with endless communities to connect and explore the potentials and enhance the knowledge. Users can choose the community of their interest from the available one and can connect with their experts to solve their queries quickly.

  5. 5. How communities can be benefited with livears?
    Communities or the clubs relating to any filed on livears can connect with nearby experts or other similar communities to talk on their similar problems, learn new things which helps them to organize better and can display their unique identity to the world.

  6. 6. Is there any live example of why should community join livears?
    Yes, if any person say a cricket lover who wishes to play and discuss the ongoing matches but is not able to find anyone who can play or have interest to discuss. Livears gives exclusive communities in which fans can connect with nearby experts and can explore the game of cricket effectively.


  1. 1. What is business on livears platform?
    Business refers to any enterprise or an organization dealing with the businesses in one way or other and livears provides business enterprises an excellent opportunity to enhance in business environment.

  2. 2. How do business enterprise login or signup on livears?
    Just like the personal signup, business signup is same but separate login would be there. Business firms need to give some of the details like name, location, category etc and then livears will be accessible.

  3. 3. How livears helps businesses?
    Business enterprise with the help of livears can explore their knowledge with others and also gain the same from business experts and can achieve the targets to stay ahead in business environment.

  4. 4. Will there be a separate login for business and personal on livears?
    Yes, there is separate login for business and personal account on livears.

  5. 5. Can we explore business as per our need?
    Yes, livears provides option to explore business enterprise as per our need relating to our queries and requirement.

  6. 6. Are there any charges for business account?
    No, Livears is totally free of cost for anybody to sign up, login or interact as and when they want.

  7. 7. How livears score helps for the business enterprises?
    Livears is a platform where you can connect with nearby experts in order to explore your potential. Livears performance score can be improved by getting more wishes in form of positive feedback which can be obtained by sharing and receiving more knowledge on livears and developing your identity.

  8. 8. Is there any live example of why should businesses join livears?
    If any business wants to consult other industry experts or any professionals of business enterprise needs to learn new business roles, livear will help them to connect with nearby experts of similar kind. Business enterprise can maintain its reputation through building its positive score on livears and can display its identity.

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