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Its On Social Concept of “Human Value Identification”

Livears will bring the answer for “Who we are as a Human being?”

Livears stands for ‘Nearby Live Expertise Audience’ meaning it will connect you to the nearby existing real time users with no or zero false profiles and would willing offer you their expertise knowledge/suggestion according to you requirement. Livears will not only bridge the gap between users with similar knowledge, expertise or needs but also it will allow the users to connect with the other users who are from the same vicinity or areas thereby providing ease of accessibility to the user requirement. In short, this social media was started with an idea to break all the barriers of communication between two users and offer nearby expertise connections. Speaking about the USP of Livears, this social media website will allow the users to evaluate the other profiles which will accordingly determine that particular user’s trust(credibility) score. So once you have communicate with a person, Livears will ask you for a thorough feedback (in terms of wish)about him or her. Your credibility score will only be published once the person you evaluated will accept your request. The score however, will remain anonymous but the user will be intimated that you have put in your evaluation. Hence, Livears offers a real connection rather than a virtual one.

With so many renowned as well as new social media websites getting recognized among the current generation both old and young, Livears is hoping to act as a stepping stone towards creating a platform developed with divergent thinking.

Its Comes with these following tags of lines:

  • Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.
  • In India, total 46 crores Livears will coming on platform…where are you?
  • Its new terminology to say “THANK YOU” to someone…
  • Know your Hidden Potential towards World…

•  Livears live for Students

Livears – live nearby expertise audience is an online human identification portal intended to serve the people of similar nature and kind.

Livears basically focuses on nearby people having expertise in field relevant to the one which you are searching. It always searches for the real time users with the proper authorization thereby eliminating false/fake profiles. Hence it encourages authenticity. A student in today’s time is the most active and upcoming development of the society and the nation. The development of the society happens only when there is development in the life of students. So it’s necessary that students should be given the resources in the field of their interest.

Sometimes due to lack of resources, their talent is not fully explored and their growth is affected. Keeping this in mind, there is solution in form of online human value identification portal called livears. For students this platform would be their one time solution of all problems.

Key points in which Livears will be helpful to students :

  • More knowledge about any subject can be obtained from experts of livears.
  • Livears can be helpful for doing advanced research.
  • Following any hobbies ,experts are there on livears.
  • Help for School, colleges projects.
  • Personality development ,time management ,lifestyle lessons.
  • Experts’ guidance on health queries to have healthy life for students.

•   Livears live for business professionals

Business professionals in this competitive environment need to stay ahead of others in order to climb the steps of success. They need to have information of the area related to their working environment. In this technological development, helpful resources have grown to a large number, but the problem is we cannot find or access right resource at right time. Livears solves this problem and help business professional to show their real identity to the world.

Key points in which livears will be helpful to business professionals :

  • Helps to learn new business techniques from industry experts on livears.
  • Livears experts guides them to build good resumes which will help in jobs.
  • Time management and lifestyle lessons can be gained from livears.
  • Expert’s guidelines on new business ideas and ways of following it.

•   Livears live for politicians

Politician is the voice of people. Politicians are the face of change the society needs and responsible for its development. People elect the politicians expecting that their needs are satisfied. So politicians have many tasks to fulfil for the overall development. He/she should be on front foot regarding any change happening in the surrounding and should learn new techniques for effectively delivering the good work toward the society and people. Livears helps politicians to large extent in form of getting expert help in their various departments.

Key points in which livears will be helpful to the politicians :

  • Through livears, politicians can directly connect with the common man and listen to the problems.
  • Livears help them in conducting efficient political campaign.
  • Livears helps politicians to display their true identity to the world.
  • Politicians can improve their social image and can work more effectively for society though livears.
  • Livears helps politicians to connect with nearby experts to learn techniques, solve queries.
  • Politicians can also follow their hobbies along with their daily routine by connecting with exclusive experts of all fields.

•   Livears live for organization

Organization can be of any type, the main elements that it is made up of are its staff or employees, which can take an organization to a new level of success if proper resources are provided to them at right time. In this technological development, many advanced changes have come up and it is necessary that the organization and its employees are well aware of it. Having a proper resource but not knowing how to use or how to make maximum out of it, sometime can affect the progress of organization. Livears comes here as a solution. It sees that the resources in form of expert help are provided to the employees.

Key points in which livears will be helpful to the organization :

  • Organization can ask nearby expert to solve queries of any field quickly.
  • Livears will help organization in management of resources and its related task through experts.
  • Livears saves a lot of time of organization in getting things done.
  • Livears helps them to learn new working methods by exploring the communities that livears provides.
  • Livears will help organization in its overall development.

•   Livears live for Non-profit organization

Non-profit organization is doing a good job of serving the society without any profits, but just with an objective of doing work with good motive. Many volunteers are coming up to serve for the society by contributing their knowledge or resources in any way. Livears bridges the gap between the non-profit organization, its volunteers, its staff and the needy people by providing the resources in form of expert help.

Key points in which livears will be helpful to the non-profit organization :

  • Livears will help organization to connect with lot of volunteers.
  • Organization will be able to display their identity to the world.
  • Organization will learn new methods helping the society by connecting with the social experts of livears.
  • More volunteers will come up for the society through livears.
  • Nearby Expert help will be available quickly through effective working of livears.
  • Livears will help ngo and non-profit organization to develop their own identity and will be more helpful to the society.

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